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Ocean To Mountain

Because God is at work in this world...


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Ocean To Mountain

Because God still performs miracles...

About us

Our family has a lot of people. They are brown and white, sun burnt and pale, freckled and dimpled and some have big noses. We are the adopted children of the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We live in a world destined for destruction, but we have a future and a hope because Jesus Christ God's only Son died and rose again to conquer sin for us all. By Him we are welcomed into one Family, one that will last forever, where nobody ever has to leave or die again. 

Ocean To Mountain Publishing was formed because we saw the miracles of God being done in our small family, and we discovered that we were not alone. Everywhere we went, from the Puget Sound to the mountains of West Virginia, we heard our Christian brothers and sisters describing God's work in their lives, and we wanted to tell their stories to the world. This company is young and we have only a few books right now. Fear not. More will be on their way.

Our Science & Wonders series offers the true tale of a geology student and her atheist professors, a warm friendship, and a little controversy. It involves snowstorms and police, death and dreams - and miracles. A terrible chasm appears to loom between faith and science in academia, yet we find God still shows His power and kindness in this world of hard, cold rocks.

Some Fiction for Fun

True Life Stories

2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight tells the story of Dodge Journey Spicer, who expected to slip out of bed on February 2, 2020, but instead finds that she'd rewound to 1980 and now faces a dangerous world as a four-year-old child. She has no family or home, but she does have an adult's education and a memory of the next 40 years... 

2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight e-Book

2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight e-Book
2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight e-Book
2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight e-Book
Action and Adventure
Dodge expected to awaken on 02/02/2020 as a 44-year-old chemist. Instead, she slid out of bed on 02/02/1980 as a 4-year-old child - a child with a memory of the next 40 years... Dodge remembers the future; she already lived through it once upon a time. Her original self still exists safely at home with her parents, which leaves Dodge stuck in 1980 alone, homeless, and desperately short. She's a child with an adult's education and ability to reason, which she needs in a world where parentless children can face monsters... Buy Here: Buy Here!
Our story

We publish the true-life stories of people who have had encounters with the God of the Bible. Sometimes God offers miracles and sometimes He offers guidance, but always, we see His love shining in the darkness.


We love letters from our readers and interested parties. Especially if they're throwing parties and want to invite us. We do not accept manuscripts, but feel free to send a brief query letter if you have a true story about miracles God has done in the lives of real people.



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