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Science & Wonders Bundle


Because God loves scientists too - and He's still in the miracle business.


This is the true story of a science student who went into geology class minding her own business, but soon discovered that God cared about her atheistic science professors.


Amy Joy loves science. She loves rocks and bones and biological processes, and she regularly scores at the top of her class. She also has a relationship with the God of the universe, and her books are the story of God's working in the lives of real people, educated people, who love knowledge and the search for truth.


Volume 1 introduces us to Dr. Paul Denali Stillwell, atheist geologist. Amy Joy and Dr. Stillwell find a warm friendship, despite the fact that their worldviews would normally chew off each other's faces. Amy Joy describes some of the miracles of her life - and she is surprised to watch God encourage her friendship with this grouchy geology prof.


Volume 2 continues the story, complete with daily harassment from Dr. Zenith, astrophysicist extraordinaire. God keeps giving Amy Joy direction regarding Dr. Stillwell, and He shows His love and power in huge ways. Fires fires everywhere.


Volume 3 takes Amy Joy and Dr. Stillwell to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, after a spring semester of stink bugs, quantum entanglement, and 20-something ninjas.


There's a spiritual world past the four dimensions of our spacetime, and despite the arguments of Richard Dawkins, it still busts through the saran wrap of our staid, sterile, scientific word.


For a limited time only, get all three SCIENCE & WONDERS volumes for $24.95!


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(There's even access to the first couple of chapters. Grab a cup of cocoa, settle in, and enjoy.)