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Science & Wonders


Science & Wonders Volume 3: As X Goes To Infinity

Love Through Time and Space: An Autobiography


In Volume 3 of the Science & Wonders series, Amy Joy is faced with a semester of Instrumental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Statistics. She desperately needs a creative outlet, and the best victim for releasing that creative pressure is her favorite astrophysicist in the world, Dr. Zenith. In the midst of her plotting, though, she finds the hand of God moving her more directly than ever before.


Physicists tell us that our visible universe is just the tip of an iceberg poking out of an ocean that hides a much deeper and greater reality beyond our eyesight. We recognize that we’re bobbing in a sea of energy. We even feel the waves, but we can’t see past the surface, down below where all the ice tips connect. We can sense the greater iceberg is there, but we can't reach through to touch it with our fingertips.


The Scriptures tell us that a war seethes and bubbles in those additional dimensions, in that world beyond our physical reach. Sometimes we get glimpses of it, and we discover that the ultimate treasure won by the victor of that war is us. If we truly understood that, it would change everything.


Paperback Book: 263 pages

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