About Ocean To Mountain Publishing



Ocean To Mountain Publishing was formed because we saw God still working miracles in our small world, and we discovered that we were not alone. Everywhere we went, from the Puget Sound to the mountains of West Virginia, we heard our fellow humans describing God’s work in their lives, and we wanted to tell their stories to the world. This company is young and we have only a few books right now. Fear not. More will be on their way.



Amy Joy Hess


Amy Joy is a geochemist and teacher, paleontologist and ghost writer who lives in the mountains of northern Idaho. She’s written several dozen books and more than 900 news digest articles, some of them typed from rocky, dusty parts of the earth. She enjoys digging up dinosaur bones in Colorado or Wyoming – or using her microscope to spy on bryozoans from the Permian rocks of Nevada. Mostly, she likes hunting down the answers to life’s biggest questions.





B. Brantozeke


B. Brantozeke is a cautious individual rarely found in grocery stores. He writes God-honoring fiction, possibly from a mountain in Nepal or a Utah crevice. He doesn’t show his face, but his manuscripts keep coming in, stained with coffee and exotic chocolates. His upcoming 2024 fictional titles include:

Journey Jefferson and the Baltimore Gold Find of 1934.

The Scars of Haben  and a curious time-travel tale  Dodge-20.


Additional authors are waiting impatiently in the corridor.