Gun Shot Witness: The Tim Remington Story

By Amy Joy Hess

Tim Remington spent his adult life reaching out to rescue hurting people – the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, victims and perpetrators of abuse. His church was filled with people God had saved from the worst places.

On March 6, 2016, a troubled man named Kyle Odom waited for Tim after the Sunday service – on a mission to kill aliens from Mars. As Tim walked to his car, Kyle emptied a magazine of .45 hollow points on him. Tim smashed into his car and fell to the pavement, and blood pooled around him like Tim was a pitcher somebody had dumped over.

Tim survived. He survived the shooting, the surgeries, the rehabilitation – but not without a fight. The enemy had zeroed in on Tim for destruction, and neither party gave up easily.

In 160 packed pages,  Amy Joy Hess tells the story of Tim’s shooting and recovery – along with a string of other miracles God performed in Tim’s life before Kyle Odom ever fired that .45 pistol. There was a reason Satan wanted Tim dead, but what the enemy intended for evil, God turned around as Tim’s greatest beacon of light. 

Amy Joy Hess is a chemist and researcher who loves to dig up dead things in rocks. She has helped write more than 30 books along with some 900 news digest articles on current events, international politics, science and technology. She lives in Idaho.