Science & Wonders

By Amy Joy Hess

Amy Joy’s Science and Wonders series offers the true tale of a geology student and her professors, a warm friendship, and a lot of controversy. It involves snowstorms and police, death and dreams and miracles. A terrible chasm appears to loom between faith and science in academia, yet we find God still shows His power and kindness in this world of hard, cold rocks.

Explore the Science and Wonders Series:

Volume One: On The Edge Of The Chasm

A Life’s Search For Truth.

This is the true tale of a Christian biochemistry student who befriended a weathered atheist geologist.

Amy Joy did not take Historical Geology to cause problems. She intended to mind her own business and learn as much cool geology as she could. She discovered that God had other plans, and He moved her more carefully, more specifically with this professor than any other person in her life. So much so, she wrote a book about it.

The book describes Amy Joy’s cautious friendship with Dr. Stillwell, but it also describes the many miracles that God did in Amy Joy’s life before she entered the geology lab.


Paperback Book: 200 pages
Copyright 2017 by Ocean To Mountain Publishing


Volume Two: The Light, The Heat

Like a Candle in the Darkness.

In the first volume, we briefly met Dr. Zenith the astrophysicist as Amy Joy’s personal nemesis.  Of course, Dr. Zenith is too awesome to remain in the corner for long.  He’s Dr. Zenith. He’s Star Stuff. While he regularly frowns at her from his mismatched eyes, Amy Joy longs to heal the rift and form a relationship of mutual respect with the physics professor.

Meanwhile, God continues to guide Amy Joy regarding Dr. Stillwell the geologist, and their relationship grows warmer – even when fires flare up and need to be extinguished.

We have all felt separated from God. Unimportant. Foolish. Biologists and astrophysicists alike carry on as though God doesn’t exist – as though there is no Author behind the cosmic play. Yet, God still pokes His finger through the four space-time dimensions we directly experience. He makes His presence known. Most often His work is subtle , but on occasion He makes His point in powerful, visible ways.

Paperback Book: 251 pages
Copyright 2018 by Ocean To Mountain Publishing


Volume Three: As X Goes To Infinity

Love Through Time and Space.

In Volume 3 of the Science & Wonders series, Amy Joy is faced with a semester of Instrumental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Statistics. She desperately needs a creative outlet, and the best victim for releasing that creative pressure is her favorite astrophysicist, Dr. Zenith. In the midst of her plotting, she finds the hand of God moving her more directly than ever before. Ultimately, He gives her a prophecy about Dr. Stillwell, one that encourages her that God has good purposes for the atheist geologist.

Physicists tell us that our visible universe is just the tip of an iceberg poking out of an ocean that hides a much deeper and greater reality beyond our eyesight. We recognize that we’re bobbing in a sea of energy. We even feel the waves, but we can’t see past the surface, down below where all the ice tips connect. We can sense the greater iceberg is there, but we can’t reach through to touch it with our fingertips.

The Scriptures tell us that a war seethes and bubbles in those additional dimensions, in that world beyond our physical reach. We get glimpses, and we discover that the ultimate treasure won by the victor of that war in us. If we truly understood that, it would change everything.

Paperback Book: 263 pages
Copyright 2019 by Ocean To Mountain Publishing


Amy Joy Hess holds degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Religion & Philosophy. She labored as lab and field assistant for a paleontologist as a young woman fresh out of school and now works at a geochemistry lab when she’s not teaching or doing graduate research. She has written hundreds of news digest articles on a diverse range of topics and has ghost written more than 30 books. She lives in northern Idaho with her children, rotating family members, and occasional strays.