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About Science & Wonders


Amy Joy

Amy Joy holds degrees in Biochemistry and Religion & Philosophy with a minor in Hebrew and Greek. She has written many hundreds of articles on science and technology, international politics and current events, and has ghost written  more than 20 books. Since 2012 she has worked for a geochemistry lab (when she's not doing graduate research). She lives in northern Idaho with her children and a variety of rotating family members.


Science & Wonders

Science & Wonders is a five-book series that tackles the apparent wrestling match between science and faith in the real life of a science student. God has done significant miracles in the life of the author, but her great discovery is that God cares about atheist scientists too.

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Science and Faith: The Chasm

  • People often assume that science and faith are incompatible. That's a misconception by people who don't know that God is alive and working.  If we have enough data points, they will always point to the truth, whether we are studying the physical or spiritual world. 

  • The real chasm isn't between faith and science; it's between us and a full knowledge of God. That's the chasm we all need God Himself to help us cross.

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