Apologetics: (noun) systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine)

God still does things. He always did. We offer a series of articles on the evidence for God's brilliant hand on nature, the Bible, and a wide variety of human lives.


The rule in science is that God is never ever allowed to be an explanation. Ever. It's a good rule when the real answers to life's mysteries are found in electrostatics or bacteria. But, what if God really is the true explanation at the bottom of a mystery? How could honest scientists figure that out?

We have books that explore this question. However, we also have a series of articles below that give our readers freedom to dabble in the water.

Vital Questions

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Scientific Evidence for a Designer:

  • DNA

  • Proteins

  • Life

  • Sex

  • The Eye

  • Systems

  • The Anthropic Principle

Who is God?

  • According to nature

  • According to spirits

  • According to the Bible

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who wrote the Bible?

Old Testament Prophecies

New Testament Prophecies

Personal Testimonies:

  • Adella

  • John Padula

  • Angel

  • Justine

  • Steve

  • Ivey

  • Sheri

  • Baron

  • Shadow

  • Lori

  • Richard

  • Amy Joy

  • Hilary

  • Cara

  • Steve